Information Security Specialist

Penetration Testing and Security Consulting

Our team provides a full range of information security services, from scanning and assessing your infrastructure to providing concrete steps to improving your security. Whither you need a simple public infrastructure scan or a complete pen-test we will customize our offerings to your needs.

Our team will also provide concrete and actionable advice and recommendations to improve your applications security in a cost effective manner that fits with your threat model.

For Journalist

We provide specialty security consulting and threat assessment for journalist. Let us help protect you and your sources by providing anonymization techniques, data exfiltration and in-the-field information security support giving your sources the confidence they need to give you the whole story.

We can also help you understand the complex technical and security information required to analyze and understand some of today's most important breaking stories.


HIPPA? PCI? We can help guide your company through the complex standards in order to fully meet the requirements with the least amount of cost and overhead.